Old Hickory Buildings: A Tradition of Quality

As a leader in the storage building industry, Old Hickory has more than 700 locations in over 30 states and parts of Canada. At Monahan’s Marine we are proud to be one of those fine dealer locations. We maintain a diverse inventory of Old Hickory storage solutions at our retail center in Little Falls, MN — stop by to check them out.

Dependable Mennonite Craftsmanship

In business since 1997, Old Hickory Buildings & Sheds operates as a fully licensed and insured company with a huge variety of buildings to choose from. Using the old fashioned, country tradition of barn building, they create quality storage buildings for many happy customers throughout North America. Their factories use the same traditional construction techniques and philosophies handed down from generation to generation among the many Amish and Mennonite communities. But make no mistake, you can find their buildings in the heart of big cities as well as small towns and farms.

Exceptional Customer Service / Custom Build Options

The kind of quality, care, and attention to detail that Old Hickory puts into every one of their buildings is rarely seen on such a consistent basis in the storage building industry, but they don’t stop there. Their overriding philosophy of quality can be seen throughout the company’s culture every day – from their delivery drivers to their knowledgeable salespeople. As an authorized dealer, Monahan’s Marine invites you to stop in at our convenient location where you can kick the tires and learn more about Old Hickory’s storage building solutions — including their custom build options. We can’t wait to see you!

Quality Materials

  • In eastern territories, siding on the treated product line is premium grade 5/8 inch T1-11 pressure treated plywood.
  • In western territories, siding is 1/2 inch T1-11 premium fir plywood.
    On the painted product line, siding is 1/2 inch Duratemp™ plywood.
  • In eastern territories, floor decking is 5/8 inch tongue & groove plywood or 5/8 inch pressure treated plywood.
  • In western territories, floor decking on all buildings is 5/8 inch tongue & groove fir plywood.
  • Skids and floor joists on all buildings are pressure treated.
  • Exposed nails are ring shank & galvanized for maximum strength, which means no rust spots.
  • All buildings come with locks and keys.
    Treated and fir buildings are water sealed with 3 year water sealer.
  • Your choice of 30 year architectural shingles or 29 gauge metal roofs.

Quality Construction

  • Wall studs on wood sided buildings are 24 inch on center, doubled under siding seams to help seal building, same strength as 16 inch on center (as in home construction).
  • Floor joists are 2x4s, 16 inch on center and set into notched skids to prevent twisting. Floor joists are 12 inch on center on all Garages.
  • Skids are pressure treated 4x6s not 4x4s.

Quality Workmanship

  • Our highly skilled work force use Mennonite craftsmanship on every building.
  • Any building can be customized to fit your needs. If you see a building you like, but want to add more options, remove an option, or move standard features, let us know. More than likely, we can fulfill your need.
  • Our builders are very creative and are equipped to meet customer requests.
  • On special order buildings, you can specify what kind of roof you would like. There are a variety of different shingle and metal colors for you to choose from depending on your location. Stop by or contact your local sales office for details!